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Journey for justice and everything in-between

Hello World!

Every law student is quite aware of the infamous The Paper Chase. Well, my blog will focus on my life as a single mother-of-three, part-time law student, full-time corporate paralegal and founder of a non-profit organization focused on children’s rights, particular the rights of foster children and my chase for… Paper! Nah! This blog will focus on my chase for justice.

The title of my blog describes my chaotic, but exciting, life. My 6-year-old son’s name is Justice. He is full of life and energy that only a mother can love. He keeps me on my toes… Literally on my toes!

While chasing Justice, I am working hard to accomplish one of my life’s dreams of chasing justice for those individuals often finding themselves out of the reach of “the lady” (I’ll refer to “the lady” many times through out my blog, and simply put, she’s the Lady of Justice, which I’ll attempt to define in varying ways).

I am going to attempt (I say attempt, because as you’ll see, I tend to go off in a tangent) to focus on my amazing journey through law school and single motherhood and eventually a career as a practicing attorney, improving the lives of children, specifically foster children and orphans throughout the world.

In addition, this blog will vary from children’s rights, foster care, dependency issues, juvenile law, non-profit corporation formation and maintenance, parenting issues, legal issues, employment issues, law school issues, family issues and even the fun stuff, like party planning, interior decorating, traveling and country living from the eyes of a frugal fashionista and everything in-between.



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